Monday, July 7, 2008

Full House

Been rather busy lately, as the office prepares for it's big move into a new location. Tons of ambiguity, a huge lack of meaningful information, and tons of misinformation on what the moving plan is. I have my own secret plan shirking as much lifting/carrying duties as much as possible. They all assume since I work out everyday, I MUST be in great shape to lift heavy furniture and carry 45lb boxes of paper in each arm. I'm a racer, not a dump truck. Using me for moving is like using a Ferrari to carry a piano. Besides, my back is goes out on me like Paris Hilton on daddy's money.

So, this past week has been the visit of Liz's friends Beth and Ness. To be honest, I was really apprehensive about having to spend a week surrounded by women, as it brought back nightmarish flashbacks of my sisters' sleep-over parties when I was younger. The girls always took over the entire house, cackled and giggled the entire time, and did silly things like putting on make-up their face, putting on nail polish, and doing their hair, right before going to bed. I did try to talk Liz into letting move into my parents house for the week, but she pretty much convinced me that it would be just as a big nightmare for me as I would then be with my parents. Besides, Liz said that she would need someone to build bikes, and that was pretty much a clincher for me. The women arrived on Tuesday, and I found that both Ness and Beth were pretty normal people, not the nightmare I was expecting. Beth can really pound the Diet Pepsi like a champ. Ness had a pretty good sense of humor.

On Wednesday, the Elusive Red Bear called up, announcing that he was in Chicago and needed a place to briefly stay for the night. Beth and Ness woke up on Thursday, disappointed that they did not get the chance to see the Red Bear as he had left before they had awoken. They mistakenly confused Red Bear with the more easily seen Common Blonde Bear, as the Red Bear is nocturnal and extremely hard to find, hence the "Elusive" in it's title. The Red Bear is classified as endangered due to destruction of it's natural habitat, the Beerus Gardenius, and being poached for it's red pelt, as it's highly demanded on the black market. There has been unsuccessful attempts at pairing the Red Bear with the Bunnifer Bostonious, but it ended up being an incompatible species. The Red Bear was being sent to Vermont in hopes of spawning out there, and I was happy to have done my part of the conservation effort.

It was sort of funny, because on that Wednesday night, every room was occupied by someone sleeping in it, which I think is probably the first time in a few years. I admit, it was kind of fun to have people around and the first day that everyone left, it was rather quiet. Don't get me wrong, it was busy at times and I was forced to spend the nights in Liz's bed as she punched me the entire time because I was "breathing". It's always been fun to have other athletes around and I guess an athlete is an athlete, regardless of gender.


Spokane Al said...

"I'm a racer, not a dump truck." I'll have to remember that one.

E.L.F. said...

I'm laughing my rear off about the Red Bear and the Bunny. That's funny stuff dude. If Red Bear sees that he will probably slap you.

Beth said...

I still can't believe I missed seeing the Elusive Red Bear. I may never get another chance!! :)

Thanks again for having us. I had a great time. And have never seen my bike built up or taken apart and packed faster...