Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Water what?

Today I told my wife I wanted to start a blog. It's my way of getting her back for all those blogs she wrote about my basement, bedhead and saddle sores.

When I tried to create an account, blogger told me it already had my e-mail as an account. This probably means someone else has been writing the story of my life. I hope the story has been good so far.

I'm here to write about bikes, life and stuff I do. And if the wife gets sassy, I'll write about her. And her little dog.


Cat said...


i'll be your first comment to moderate. like i don't already spend enough time (company time at that) reading about the waterstraat household ... now it'll be doubled.

but it'll be a nice balance ... all liz and no chris makes for an unevenly tipped waterbucket ... err, straat.


Jen said...

awesome! Now we get to hear both sides of the story :)

Brenda O said...

I cannot wait to read your blogs. I laughed SO HARD when you took over Liz's blog that one time.... you've been book marked!

Pam said...

this is great, its like the yin/yang of blogs!

Bill said...

Looking forward to hearing the other 70% of the story.

Welcome to the blog world, Chris.